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The first stage of the reform process was a six month consultation on the discussion document "Who Cares?  The Future of Adult Care and Support in Northern Ireland".

Published 19 October 2015Independent reports

Advice from the Chief Medical Officer to HSC professionals for 2015

Published 09 October 2015Circulars

Service framework documents relating to respiratory health and well being.

Published 08 October 2015Policy papers

A strategic framework for the development of primary health and social care for individuals, families and communities in Northern Ireland.

Published 01 October 2015Policy papers

In fulfilling its commitments within its Equality Scheme the Department equality screens policies to assess the impact and determine if a full Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) is required

Published 30 September 2015Policy papers

HSC Marshall Implementation Plan Progress report for period 1 April 2015 – 30 September 2015

Published 30 September 2015Guidance literature

This report presents an analysis of changes in life expectancy and life expectancy gaps by cause of death and age, between those living in the most and least deprived areas, between urban and rural areas, and between Northern Ireland, other UK countries, and the Republic of Ir

Published 25 September 2015Statistical reports

Physical activity benefits for adults and older adults - Infographic

Published 21 September 2015Guidance literature

Programme and speaker presentations from the 2015 Chief Nursing Officer conference

Published 18 September 2015Speeches and statements

The purpose of the Children (Leaving Care) Act (NI) 2002 is to improve the life chances of young people living in care as they make the move to independent living.

Published 15 September 2015Guidance literature

The published tables (updated quarterly) include the number and rate of children referred for an assessment for autism and the number and rate of children diagnosed with autism each quarter.

Published 11 September 2015Statistical reports

A bi-annual publication of active vacancies by staff group, band and organisation, also including a breakdown of medical specialties and medical vacancies by locations.

Published 08 September 2015Statistical reports

A summarised version of all National appeal Panel decisions

Published 01 September 2015Decisions

Five individual HSC trust reports presenting an analysis of health inequality gaps within each HSC trust area of Northern Ireland.

Published 28 August 2015Statistical reports

Eleven individual LGD reports presenting an analysis of health inequality gaps within each HSC trust area of Northern Ireland.

Published 28 August 2015Statistical reports

Strategy and reports relating to the 'Making Life Better' strategic framework for public health.

Published 12 August 2015Policy papers

Data and Information stored within the many Health and Social Care (HSC) information systems represents HSC’s most valuable asset so there is a need to develop an environment within which information systems and networks can be secure.

Published 12 August 2015Policy papers

Endorsed NICE Clinical Guidelines 2012/2013



Published 27 July 2015Guidance literature

This guidance sets out strengthened governance arrangements for the
management and use of controlled drugs in Northern Ireland.

Published 17 July 2015Guidance literature

This policy is for all organisations working with, or providing services to, adults across the statutory, voluntary, community, independent and faith sectors. It sets clear and proportionate safeguarding expectations across the range of organisations.

Published 09 July 2015Policy papers

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