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Foster care allowances - Scale rates from 1 April 2020.

Published 29 July 2020Guidance literature

Provides details on the formula used for allocating primary care prescribing resources.

Published 29 July 2020Statistical reports

‘Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together’ (2016) provides the blueprint for transforming health and social care services in Northern Ireland to better meet the needs of our population.

Published 28 July 2020Corporate reports

The key aim of this blueprint is to provide a programme of work designed to:

Published 28 July 2020Corporate reports

Privacy Notice - Covid-19 app

Published 27 July 2020Notices

Provides details on the proposed introduction of a weighted capitation formula.

Published 23 July 2020Statistical reports

Presents information on the time spent waiting in emergency care departments in Northern Ireland for both new and unplanned review attendances, and reports on the performance of against the ministerial target in Northern Ireland.

Published 23 July 2020Statistical reports

HSC circular MHCU 4/20 - MHO and COVID-19 Coronavirus Act

Published 23 July 2020Circulars

In fulfilling its obligations under Section 75 the Department is required to equality screen all of its policies and services under consideration to determine whether they should be subject to a full equality impact assessment (EQIA).

Published 23 July 2020Guidance literature

The purpose of this circular is to update the guidance on change or withdrawal of services.

Published 23 July 2020Circulars

Latest updates and amendments

Published 23 July 2020Legislation and regulations

This document details background information and guidance on the information detailed in the Emergency Care Waiting Times Statistical report for Northern Ireland. It includes information on:

Published 22 July 2020Guidance literature

Refractory Epilepsy Specialist Clinical Advisory Service (RESCAS)

Published 22 July 2020Forms

Mental Health Order form 10

Published 22 July 2020Forms

Serious Adverse Incident Reviews in Health and Social Care Settings

Published 20 July 2020Notices

Departmental Board Terms of Reference

Published 16 July 2020Guidance literature

This publication presents key statistical information relating to Health Reviews for pre-school children in Northern Ireland.

Published 16 July 2020Statistical reports

Information is collected annually on care leavers aged 16-18 (OC1) and 19 (OC3).

Published 09 July 2020Guidance literature

PDF versions of daily updates on COVID-19 

Published 08 July 2020Statistical reports

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