Services Price Scoring Mechanism (NAvg)

Date published: 07 June 2019

There have been a number of measures implemented over the last decade aimed at raising standards and improving value for money through the complete life cycle of projects.

However, the issue of unsustainable fee levels being tendered still persists.

Current evidence would indicate that some firms are still prepared to submit uneconomic or unsustainable tender prices to secure contracts.  This increases the risk of poor contract performance, leading to payment difficulties within the supply chain and will have a detrimental impact on the industry.  Ultimately it leads to poor quality buildings/projects for the citizen and will have a negative impact on the built environment.

CPD has engaged with the Construction Industry Forum to develop an alternative method for assessing price submissions.  This method aims to reduce the number of sub economic tenders submitted and in turn resolve the issues caused by their use.

Details of the Services Price Scoring Mechanism (NAvg) are available below.

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