Northern Ireland regional allied health professions awards ceremony and conference - 'Taking charge of change'

Date published: 23 October 2014

2014 was the first year a regional allied health professions awards ceremony/conference has been held in Northern Ireland. 


About the event

The need for the awards was identified by the CNO and Allied Health Professionals Lead Officer in October 2013. Following discussions with the finance director DoH ,CNO and AHP lead officer it was agreed to support Chamberlain Dunn in delivering an extremely high profile AHP event within Northern Ireland, reflected both within the guest list and the extensive media coverage that ensues, supported and funded through a range of providers professional bodies and suppliers .

The NI advancing healthcare awards and conference ‘taking charge of change’ provided an opportunity through this new inaugural awards dinner in celebrating the contribution AHP staff have made this year in Northern Ireland.

There were six categories awards including an overall achievement award which recognises the recipients as having made an outstanding contribution to AHP service delivery.

Over 105 applicants applied for the awards which demonstrated the desire from AHP staff to share their practice and developments within healthcare and have it formally recognised as best practice.

The evening event was attended by around 250 health service leaders, politicians and AHP leaders from across the UK. As is customary, invitations were extended to the members of the Health Committee, DoH, HSCB and PHA, CE of AHP professional bodies etc.

The Health Minister was invited to this event as principal guest of honour and was supported on the evening by Hazel Winning Allied Health Professions Lead Officer, chief executives from the professional bodies and chief AHP officers from England Scotland and Wales. Also present was Charlotte McArdle CNO, Richard Pengelly, Permanent Secretary, Dr Michael McBride, CMO and senior DoH officials from within DoH and senior management from across HSC Trusts.

The ceremony was held in the City Hotel, Londonderry-Derry on Thursday 23rd October 2014.

The mayor of Londonderry sponsored the pre-dinner drinks reception 6.30-7.10pm.

Elaine Way Chief Executive from the WHSCT was excellent as compeer for the evening awards ceremony.

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