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Date published: 28 May 2021

Travel Q&A

Travel FAQs
Travel FAQs

International Travel

Spain has announced they will welcome UK visitors who are fully vaccinated. Can I travel there without having to test or isolate on return?

Spain is currently not on our green list.  You will therefore have to self-isolate on return and test on day 2 and 8.

How often will travel be reviewed and will I have time to return home if a country moves from green to amber?

International travel categories are reviewed every 3 weeks. If cases were to rise suddenly in a particular country then action would be taken to amend this country’s status, ie moving from Green to Amber/Red. No prior notice would be given.

Will I be fined for travelling to Spain or France?

If you comply with all of the requirements upon return, no. If you don’t, then you are likely to receive a fixed penalty notice of up to £2000.

Health measures for arrivals

Green list countries

Amber list countries

Red list countries

Vaccine certification 

How can I prove I have had two vaccinations?

Individuals should check the entry requirements of the country of destination, which are available at

The Department is developing a COVID-free status Verification Service (CVS) that will allow NI residents to provide verified proof of vaccination, and other accepted standards, where required. This development will take into account emerging WHO and EU common standards for Covid Status Certificates. Any documentation produced outside of this Covid Validation Service is unlikely to meet these standards and therefore not be accepted under countries’ entry requirements.

Can I get confirmation from my GP that I have been vaccinated?

No. You need an official certificate to travel.  Work is ongoing and it is hoped vaccine certification will be available in July.

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