Mental Health Sub-Group

Terms of Reference


The Primary Care Multi-Disciplinary Team Mental Health Professional Group has been established as a sub-group of the MDT Regional Project Board. 

It aims to consider the governance arrangements and other matters arising related to the placement of mental health workers in primary care settings as part of the MDT project, and ensure a consistent approach in all implementation areas.


This Group reports to the Regional MDT Project Board. 

Membership of the Group

The Group will initially be chaired by Chris Matthews, the Director of Primary Care within the Department of Health.

Membership will comprise of nominated representatives from the following organisations:

  • Department of Health
  • Health and Social Care Board
  • Western Health and Social Care Trust
  • South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
  • Northern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Southern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Down GP Federation
  • Derry GP Federation
  • West Belfast GP Federation
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists

Membership of the group will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the most appropriate people attend the group.  Non-members of the group may be invited to attend meetings to discuss specific issues which require particular knowledge or skills to address.

Secretariat will be provided by the Department of Health MDT Project Team.

Frequency of Meetings

It is anticipated that the Group will meet approximately every 6 weeks, until such times as members agree that all issues have been resolved.  At that time, the Group will be stood down. 

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