MDT Regional Project Board Terms of Reference


  1. The Department’s 20 year primary care strategic framework (Caring for People Beyond Tomorrow) was published in 2005 with a focus on person centred care, access, a team based approach with multi-agency linkages, engaging people in their care and focussing on prevention, education and self care.
  2. In October 2015 the then Minister for Health established a cross-cutting group to look at how to address the challenges specifically facing GP-led primary care.  The group reported in March 2016, setting out a series of recommendations to strengthen and stabilise primary care. 
  3. In October 2016 the former Minister of Health, Michelle O’Neill committed in ‘Health and Wellbeing 2026 – Delivering Together’ to taking forward a new model for primary care.  The document set out a vision for the delivery of primary care in the community with GPs and multi-disciplinary teams playing a key role in improving population health and wellbeing.    The former Minister also highlighted the need to, for instance, develop social prescribing models and build linkages to other early support schemes. 
  4. A programme of work was started in 2017 to develop and implement the model of primary care multi-disciplinary teams set out in Delivering Together.  The initial stages of the programme of work were focussed on best practice, evidence gathering and engagement with stakeholders.  Following the publication of Delivering Together, a £200m Transformation Fund for health over 2 years was announced as part of the confidence and supply agreement between the Conservative Government and the DUP.  The Transformation Implementation Group, which is overseeing work to deliver Delivering Together considered and approved initial allocations for work on Primary Care Multi-Disciplinary Teams.
  5. Following a competitive process, the Derry GP Federation area (population 205k) and the Down GP Federation area (population 75k) were selected as the two initial areas for full roll-out.  West Belfast, initially selected as the reserve area and the next area for roll-out of the model, will also now benefit from the integration of MDT Physiotherapists in GP surgeries.


  1. The purpose of the MDT Regional Project Group is to manage the overall implementation of the primary care multi-disciplinary team model across Northern Ireland, in line with the strategic direction set by the MDT Steering Group.
  2. This work will be underpinned by the following NI Regional MDT draft principles:
  • contact – our commitment to accessible care for individuals and communities;
  • comprehensiveness – our commitment to holistic care of people;
  • continuity – our commitment to continuity of care; and
  • co-ordination – our commitment to joined up working.


  1. The Board will:
  • agree key milestones and monitor progress towards achievement;
  • agree and implement actions to address any delays arising;
  • consider regular highlight reports and, where appropriate, exception reports submitted by the local project board in respect of Derry, Down and West Belfast GP Federations;
  • assess and manage, or address, risks and issues, including referral/escalation to other boards or individuals as appropriate;
  • agree spend profiles and monitor expenditure against budget, managing over/under-spends within tolerances and highlighting more significant deviations to other boards or individuals as appropriate;
  • identify and manage interfaces with other projects and programmes;
  • ensure appropriate project documentation is in place;
  • ensure appropriate data collection and evaluation mechanisms are in place to assess outputs and outcomes in the pilot areas, as specified in the Business Case.

Project Board Membership

  1. Members reflect the range of knowledge, skills and experience within the HSC which will be necessary to support successful implementation of the MDT project.
  2. The initial members of the Project Board are:




Mark Lee (Chair)*


Director of Primary Care

Mary Frances McManus     


Nursing Officer, Public Health

Aine Morrison


Professional  Officer, Office of Social  Services

Rodney Morton       


Deputy Chief Nursing Officer

Aaron Thompson    


MDT Programme Manager

Stefani Millar


MDT Project Officer

Dr Margaret O'Brien


Assistant Director of Integrated Care; Head of General Medical Services

Roger Kennedy


MDT Programme Director

Dr Brendan O’Brien


Chief Clinical Information Officer

Elaine Hunter


PCID Programme Director

Valerie McConnell


Programme Manager for Mental Health and Learning Disability

Dr Windsor Murdock        


Clinical Advisor

Michelle Tennyson


Assistant Director for AHPs & PPI

To be confirmed


Patient representative


  1. Membership will be kept under review to enable group to draw on expert advice/ critical friends as required. 
  2. Secretariat for the Project Board will be provided by the Department of Health MDT Project Team.

Frequency of meetings

  1. The group will meet on a monthly basis.

Key Factors and Interdependencies

  1. The Project Board should give due regard to the following key factors which will play a significant role in the success of the MDT project:
  • workforce availability – the new roles and expanded capacity necessary in primary care will need to be factored into planning;
  • ongoing service reviews – where changes to care pathways are likely to have implications for the capacity and skills needed in primary care;
  • infrastructure – where the current pressures on existing accommodation will have implications on General Practice capacity to receive additional staff;
  • other HSC transformation projects – which may be competing for same accommodation and staffing resources e.g:- Rapid Assessment Interface Discharge Model;
  • leadership – to ensure MDT roles are effectively bedded in to Primary Care setting and can work effectively as a team;
  • community development – to support the development of capacity in communities and individuals for self-management and prevention.


  1. The Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) for the MDT Project is Mark Lee (Director of Primary Care)*, The DoH Project manager is Aaron Thompson.
  2. The GMS Transformation Team, DOIC in the HSCB, will be responsible for the formal day-to-day project management of the MDT project with the local project teams.
  3. The Project Group will provide regular update reports to the Regional MDT Steering Group.  Members of the Regional Board will also attend Steering Group meetings to provide oral briefing and address matters arising, as well as enhancing communication between the two Groups. 


  1. These terms of reference will be reviewed on an annual basis.

*Chris Matthews (Grade 5) replaced Mark Lee as the Director of Primary Care on 3 June 2019.

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