MBH/ML and HCCA Working Group details

The role of the Working Group is to consider the evidence about Mother and Baby Homes, Magdalene Laundries and Historical Clerical Child Abuse and make recommendations to the Executive on the appropriate way forward with each of the institutions.

The Working Group is not a forum for hearing personal accounts from individuals about their experiences of Mother and Baby Homes or Magdalene Laundries or Historical Clerical Child Abuse.

The work of the group does not extend to any institution which is not part of its Terms of Reference, nor can it assist any individual in resolving their identity or in tracing a birth relative. You can find more information about this process on the NIDirect website

The Working Group is led by an independent Chair and comprised of civil servants with the requisite knowledge and experience of their respective Departments and arm’s length bodies to progress the work of the group.

They are:

Name Role
Peter McBride Independent Chair
Eilís McDaniel,
Department of Health
Director of Family and Children’s Policy
Gareth Johnston,
The Executive Office
Director of Equality, Victims, Human Rights and Delivering Social Change
Jacqui Durkin,
Department of Education
Director of Inclusion and Wellbeing
Anne McCleary,
Department for Communities
Director of Social Security Policy and Legislation Division
Brian Grzymek,
Department of Justice
Deputy Director of Criminal Justice Policy and Legislation Division 
John Simms,
Department for the Economy
Head of Central Management Branch
Eugene O'Loan
Department of Finance (Departmental Solicitor’s Office)
Deputy Head of Legal Service


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