Inter-Departmental Working Group Update – November 2019

The Inter-Departmental Working Group (IDWG) met on 18 November 2019.

Agenda / Topics discussed

Mother and Baby Homes / Magdalene Laundries

The Group discussed the outcomes and a number of issues from the latest meeting with the researchers from Queen’s University, Belfast and Ulster University.  It was anticipated that the executive summary, which the Group had requested would be ready by January 2020.

Members noted that the considerations for people who were in Magdalene Laundries were different from those for Mother and Baby Homes and each would need to be considered separately.

The Group discussed a number of issues requiring consideration going forward including the arrangements for the publication of the research once the researchers have produced and provided the final draft report along with the executive summary.

Historical Clerical Child Abuse

The Group discussed the updated draft terms of reference and considered a range of issues including the definition of ‘clerical’, access to records, availability of existing information which would inform the research and state responsibility.

It was noted that members of the IDWG intended to meet with representatives from the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland to inform future decisions.

Members noted the ongoing schedule of meetings and engagement with individuals and individual organisations.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the IDWG will be scheduled for February 2020.

More information and updates on the work of the IDWG 

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