This section contains guidance for the HSC on how to Populate a Risk Register.

Risk Register Guidance

The following guidance on how to populate a Risk Register was developed under the auspices of the NHS Health Care Standards Unit (formerly the Controls Assurance Support Unit). It was not designed as a prescriptive piece of guidance but rather to provide practical support to organisations that are in the process of developing an organisation-wide Risk Register. The DoH commends it to HSC organisations as a useful and informative piece of guidance material.

Risk Rating Matrix

Appendix B of the Risk Register document contains various examples of risk rating matrices. To assist in developing a common approach to this issue across the HPSS, the Regional Governance & Risk Management Adviser, in consultation with HPSS colleagues, has developed guidance on the analysis of risk and a risk rating matrix. The DHSSPS endorses this guidance and commends it to HPSS bodies as an example of ‘Best Practice’.

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