Estates and Facilities Alerts & Notices - EFA's / EFN’s

This page provides information on the types of alerts issued or endorsed by NIAIC

Estates and Facilities Alerts

Estates and Facilities Alerts (EFA's) are the prime means of communicating safety and potential  estate and facility  risks to  the estates personnel in the healthcare environment. EFA's may also be used to provide updated information on previously published alerts. EFA‘s  are prepared in consultation with other regions and are distributed nationally

Published Estates and Facilities Alerts 

Number  Issue Date  Title



Assistance call alarm for accessible toilet - inappropriate use of isolation switch

EFA-2020-001 29/01/2020 Allergens Issues - Food Safety in the NHS – Reference Letter NHS England
EFA-2019-005 31/10/2019 Issues with doorstops/door buffers
EFA-2019-004 19/09/2019 Zebra printer Power Supply Units (PSUs): fire risk – product recall expanded
EFA-2019-003 11/03/2019 ‘Anti-ligature’ type curtain rail systems: Risks from incorrect installation or modification
EFA-2019-002 28/02/2019 Ingestion of Cleaning Chemicals
EFA-2019-001 11/01/2019 Portable fans in health and social care facilities: risk of cross infection
EFA-2018-007 05/12/2018 Fire risk from personal rechargeable electronic devices
EFA-2018-006 22/10/2018 Vernacare Vortex macerator: potential for contamination of mains water supply
EFA-2018-005 19/09/2018 Assessment of Ligature Points 
EFA-2018-004 22/08/2018 Integrated Plumbing Systems (IPS) Panels - Risk of accidental detachment 
EFA-2018-003 02/07/2018 Fire in multi-storey car parks (MSCPs)
EFA-2018-002 18/06/2018 Andrews Water Heaters Direct Fired Domestic Hot Water Heaters (ECOflo, Standard Range, RSC, RFF and HIflo Models), Inspections and modifications required
EFA-2018-001 29/05/2018 GCE regulators type MPRS2 used in medical, laboratory and industrial gas cylinder supply manifold systems: risk of catastrophic failure
EFA-2017-006 07/12/2017 Supply of CNA 2000 pipeline gaskets: presence of asbestos
EFA-2017-005 21/11/2017 Unbranded LED decorative lighting chains, model CL100: risk of electric shock due to inadequate construction – remove from use
EFA-2017-004 24/10/2017

Ideal Standard (Armitage Shanks) A4129AA Contour 21 Thermostatic Built In Shower valve (supplied separately and as a part of Armitage Shanks S6960XX Doc M shower packs): safety inspections required

EFA-2017-003 06/09/2017 Guidance for correct use and disposal of batteries used in health and social care equipment


21 August 2017

Anti-barricade devices: risk of operating ineffectively in certain circumstances


31 January 2017

Swimming Pool Overhead Lighting Systems


24 November 2016

Recall of Hager 10kA Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs)


21 July 2016

Operating Theatre Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) canopies fitted with gel seal HEPA filters


04 July 2016 

Metal waste pipes used for the disposal of laboratory solutions and reagents containing sodium azide (NaN3)


30 June 2016

13A electrical socket inserts (socket covers or protectors)


04 May 2016

Carbon steel press fit pipes for water heating systems - rapid corrosion and failure.


3 December 2015

Fire door self-closing devices


16 November 2015

Plug-in Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)


10 June 2015

Grundfos - Conlift Pumps


15 April 2015

Flush fitting Vandal and Tamper Proof light fittings in Mental Heath Environment and high risk areas


15 April 2015

Safe use of Liquid Drain Cleaners.
Many commercially available drain solvents contain chemicals that produce an exothermic reaction when they come in contact with water. The heat generated by this reaction can raise the water temperature to above boiling point, producing steam. If the drain is not well ventilated, this can cause a pressure increase in the drainage system which has the potential to cause unexpected damage.


26 January 2015

Window blinds with looped cords or chains. All types. Looped cords and chains on window blinds continue to present a strangulation hazard to children and vulnerable adults. There have been a number of deaths associated with these types of blind cords throughout the UK despite an on-going campaign of awareness.
This alert provides new information on the procurement of blinds and updates the information previously contained in EFA/2010/007


10 November 2014

Window restrictors of cable and socket design. Certain window restrictor mechanisms, when‘locked’, can be opened with commonly available flat bladed instruments as well as the ‘key’ provided. This alert provides new information to the recommended risk assessment contained in EFA/2013/002.


19 November 2013 

Cold water storage tanks. The use of uncapped PVC-U pipes (or similar) within cold water tanks as a support structure for the lid is likely to lead to stagnation and harbouring of harmful microorganisms.


23 January 2013

Window restrictors. Window restrictors may be inadequate in preventing a determined effort to force a window open beyond the 100mm restriction. 


21 January 2013

Sharps and sharps containers transported in staff vehicles. Exposed or inadequately protected sharps left in healthcare staff vehicles put occupants and service personnel at risk of needlestick injury.

EFA/2012/002 29 March 2012 Equipment using ultraviolet (UV) tubes.
EFA/2012/001 19 January 2012 Integral side-stay mechanism window restrictors fitted with plastic spacers
EFA/2011/007 19 December 2011 Electrolux (Dometic) absorption pharmacy drug refrigerators - all models
EFA/2011/005 12 December 2011 High-Voltage (HV) 11Kv Switchgear – Siemens - Reyrolle ROK and ROKSS ring main units
EFA/2010/011 24 November 2010 Self-harm associated with wardrobes
EFA/2010/010 19 October 2010 Automated thermal washer disinfectors with independent monitoring
EFA/2010/009 19 October 2010 Flush fitting anti-ligature curtain rails
EFA/2010/008 27 July 2010 Unsecured medical gas cylinders, including cylinders on trolleys
EFA/2010/007 08 July 2010 Window blinds with looped cords or chains. All types.
EFA/2010/003 29 March 2010 Anti-ligature curtain rails (including shower curtains): risks from incorrect installation or modify
EFA/2010/002 16 March 2010 Access Hatches
EFA/2010/001 12 January 2010 UK-wide Estates & Facilities Alert (EFA):
EFA/2009/002 30 December 2009 Support arms on suspension systems for equipment (operating lights etc) in theatres / procedure room


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