Alerts Specific to Northern Ireland - NIA's

This page provides information on the types of alerts issued or endorsed by NIAIC.

NIAIC Alerts (NIA's)

Following the investigation of an adverse incident report and following consultation, with other UK administrations, where it is deemed not necessary to issue an alert nationally, NIAIC may determine that it is necessary to publish targeted safety guidance for Northern Ireland and issue a NIA.

Number Issue Date  Title 
NIA-2021-01 1 April 2021

Reporting of Medical Device and Estates Adverse Incidents and disseminating safety information distributed by the NIAIC

NIA/2020/002 29 May 2020 Risks associated with the use of Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers
NIA/2020/001 17 January 2020 Risks Associated from Construction Works and Aspergillus Fungi 
NIA/2019/001 09 January 2019 Reporting of Medical Device and Estates Adverse Incidents and Disseminating Alerts
NIA/2017/001 07 September 2017 Risks Associated with Nitrous Oxide Waste Gases
NIA/2016/004 25 July 2016 End of MHRA derogation for US Baxter (2C8541) IV administration sets on: Tuesday 9th August 2016
NIA/2016/003 18 February 2016

Addition usage of the Baxter Non CE marked device - Ref US 2C8541.

Wards Poster – RMC9614 to 2C8541

NIA/2016/002 18 February 2016

Supply of Non CE marked Baxter IV Administration Sets.

Wards Poster – EMC9608 to 2C8541

NIA/2016/001 18 February 2016 Baxter IV Administration Sets – Supply Disruption.
NIA/2015/004 24 April 2015 Human Waste Container Washers 9Bedpan Washers) 
NIA/2015/003 27 March 2015 Interruption in supply of certain Baxter Colleague pump compatible IV administration sets 
NIA/2015/002 16 February 2015 Reporting of Estates and Facilities Adverse Incidents & Near Misses and Disseminating Alerts 
NIA/2015/001 16 February 2015 Reporting of Medical Device Adverse Incidents and Near Misses and Disseminating Alerts 
NIA/2014/002 6 June 2014 Issues regarding the compatibility of needle free connectors when used in conjunction with Glass Syringes. Recently the NIAIC have received an increased number of incident reports regarding blockages of syringes or the failure to administer drugs from pre-filled glass syringes. As these syringes are potentially used on patients in life critical situations failure to administer drugs poses a serious risk health or death.
NIA/2014/001 10 April 2014 Publication of the MHRA and NHS England Patient Safety Alert – Stage 3 Directive Improved Medical Device Reporting and Supporting Information. 20th March 2013The MHRA and NHS England have issued a Patient Safety Alert on Improved Medical Device Reporting and Learning and a supporting information booklet. This information relates to current ongoing work between the MHRA and NHS England to improve medical device reporting in England and subsequently improve learning. While this alert and supporting information is labelled national it applies only to the NHS in England. The current reporting mechanisms for Medical Device Adverse Incidents in Northern Ireland as described in the guidance document Device Bulletin 2010(NI) - 01 remain unchanged at this time.
NIA/2013/002 29 August 2013 All Fire Rated Glass supplied from a company called ‘Glassworks Ireland Ltd’ and marked as Pyroguard. Counterfeit fire rated glass has been found on an HSC hospital site. The glass was marked with a stamp bearing the names of Glass Works Ireland and Pyroguard. Customers of this glass may also have been supplied with an accompanying certificate which indicated that the glass was an authentic product from CGI International, the manufacturer of Pyroguard fire glass. Pyroguard is a recognised, approved and certified Fire Rated glass, however ‘Glassworks Ireland Ltd’ have not purchased this product from the manufacturer.
NIA/2013/001 11 July 2013 Management of chemicals in Endoscopic Washer Disinfectors.
Only detergents / disinfectants that have been type tested and validated for the EWDs and the Flexible Endoscopes that are being processed through them should be used.
Correct placement of these chemicals within the EWD is vital to the decontamination process and ensures the right chemical and dose is delivered at the appropriate point during the machine cycle.
NIA-2011-003 19 December 2011 Electrically operated office equipment inappropriately located in a primary fire escape route
NIA-2011-002 23 August 2011 Flexible water supply hoses
NIA-2011-001 12 January 2011 Reporting estates related adverse incidents to the Northern Ireland Adverse Incident Centre (NIAIC)
NIA-2010-001 02 June 2010 Convector heaters, Micromark








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