Disposal Schedule - Section H

Disposal Schedule - Section H - ICT

Ref Record Type Minimum Retention Period Relevant Legislation/Derivation Final Action
H1 Software licences Lifetime of software
H2 Documentation relating to computer programmes written in-house Lifetime of software   Destroy
  Minor administrative records  Current plus two years   Destroy
H3 Products (liability) 
11 years Consumer Protection (Northern Ireland) Order 1987 

Where the records are potentially relevant to the issue of proceedings by an organisation legislation requires retention of 10 years.  However an extra year has been added to allow time for any proceedings to be served against an organisation.


documenting the development and establishment of ICT systems management policies and procedures

See GMGR Section J34 and GMGR Section J39   Determined on Review 
H5 Records documenting the security arrangements for ICT systems See GMGR Section D9   Destroy
H6 Records relating to the monitoring of Display Screens and related workstations in the workplace three years   Destroy 
  Eyesight Tests See GMGR Section L32   Destroy
H7 Records documenting helpdesk services including faults reported, requests for technical and application support and action taken to resolve and assistance provided Last action plus one year   Destroy
H8 Web Management three years   Destroy
H9 Records relating to the ongoing management, and changes to system support including user accounts, and monitoring use of systems. five years   Destroy
  Management of all Networks seven years   Destroy
H10 Telecommunications management six years   Destroy


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