Disposal Schedule - Section D

Work area - Equipment

Ref Record Type Minimum Retention Period Relevant Legislation / Derivation Final Action
D1 Records of equipment/instruments (fixed and un-fixed) including installation, specification, maintenance records and logs, records of service inspections, test records, Calibration Certificates products liability, procurement, use, modification and supply records relevant to production of products (diagnostics) or equipment, and disposal records. Lifetime of the equipment plus 11 years.

If the records relate to vehicles (ambulances, responder cars, fleet vehicles etcetera) and where the vehicle no longer exists, providing there is a record that it was scrapped, the records can be destroyed.

Where the records are potentially relevant to the issue of proceedings by an organisation legislation requires retention of 10 years.  However an extra year has been added to allow time for any proceedings to be served against an organisation.

Consumer Protection (NI) Order 1987 

D2 Forms – Surgical Appliances – AP1, 2, 3  and 4 five years from completion of audit   Destroy
D3 Daily checking of Crash Trolleys This is a check for accounting purposes, only current and previous record are required to be held.

If a record of Equipment used in treatment, it may need to be kept for 11 years in line with period for litigation.

If check shows action required this needs to be recorded and kept for 11 years as above.

D4 Internal requests for supplies equipment. Once approved the record will either fall into a buying order, inventory, delivery notice or approval file.

The records should be placed in the appropriate file and retained for the documented period.  

Administrative records not appropriate for other files - retain for the current year plus 1.



D5 Inventories (not in current use) of items having a life of less than 5 years one and a half years or if in book formt one and a half years after the last entry   Destroy
D6 Inventories of plant, vehicles and permanent or fixed equipment Permanent   Retain permanently within organisation
D7 Inventories of furniture, medical and surgical equipment not held on store charge having a minimum of life of 5 years Until Revised
D8 Medical device/equipment alerts Until reviewed or withdrawn by Northern Ireland Adverse Incident Advice Centre (NIAIC) (check MHRA website)  www.mhra.gov.uk 
D9 Records relating to the security of the systems and security of the records  Decommissioning of the system plus five years Approved Disposal Schedules Destroy


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