Disposal Schedule - Section C

Work area - Contracts / Service level Agreements

Ref Record Type Minimum Retention Period Relevant Legislation / Derivation Final Action
C1 Approval files 15 years   Determined on review
C2 Approval files (contracts)       
C3 Approved suppliers lists 11 years

Consumer Protection (Northern Ireland) Order 1987 

Where the records are potentially relevant to the issue of proceedings by an organisation legislation requires retention of 10 years.  However an extra year has been added to allow time for any proceedings to be served against an organisation.

C4 Contracts – non sealed (property) on termination six years from date of practical completion The Limitation (Northern Ireland) Order 1989  Destroy
C5 Contracts – non sealed (other) on termination six years after termination of contract The Limitation (Northern Ireland) Order 1989  Destroy
C6 Contracts (including capital works contracts) – sealed (and associated records) Contracts under seal and associated records should be kept for a minimum of 15 years.  When they reach 15 years old they should be reviewed and PRONI invited to examine them.   Determined on review
C7 Contractor Applications to provide general practitioner, Dental, Ophthalmic & Pharmaceutical services six years after end of contract for approvals

six years for non-approvals.

C8 Contractor Records 
  Ophthalmic Opticians    




  Pharmacists, Pharmacy Premises    


  General Practitioners    


C9 Contractors On – Call Rotas managed by HSCB six years   Destroy
C10 GP retirements/moved away six years after individual leaves service, at which time a summary of the file must be kept until the individual’s 70th birthday or six years after the individual leaves the service whichever is the longer   Destroy
C11 Contractual arrangements with hospitals or other bodies outside the HSC including papers relating to financial settlements made under the contract six years after end of financial year to which they relate    Destroy
C12 Tenders      
  successful Tender period plus six year limitation period The Limitation (Northern Ireland) Order 1989  Destroy

six years

The Limitation (Northern Ireland) Order 1989  Destroy


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