DoH Looked After Children Officer

Looked After Children (Fostering, Adoption, Residential Care) Officer

Key areas of responsibility

Professional responsibility for and providing input to policy development with regard to:

  • Looked After Children, including residential care, family placements and foster care
  • Domestic and Intercountry Adoption
  • care planning and review
  • leaving and aftercare
  • representation of children and children's rights
  • schemes for the delegation of statutory functions
  • Secure Accommodation

Screening assessment of need for and securing access to secure accommodation, in particular for children under 13 years.

Providing professional input, as required, into the evaluation of:

  • case management reviews
  • serious adverse incidents
  • business cases

Providing input in relation to policy development and professional issues with regard to:

  • ethnic minority issues
  • family support services
  • Northern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Service
  • race relations
  • asylum seekers

Professional advice in relation to Looked After Childre, ethnic minority and related issues. to Policy Branches, other Government Departments, Agencies, statutory, voluntary and private sector organisations, where appropriate; and

Representing the OSS in a number of DoH and external groupings related to the above areas of work.

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