Core Grant Funding Scheme

The Department’s Core Grant Funding Scheme provides financial support for community and voluntary organisations which either deliver front-line services based on identified need or provide central support services, which are in line with DoH strategic and policy objectives and in particular, the vision for the HSC articulated in Delivering Together.

To be eligible for funding, an organisation must:

  • operate in Northern Ireland;
  • be independent, not for profit, and have a constitution or set of rules defining its aims, objectives and operational procedures;
  • have a suitable management structure and appropriate financial controls; and
  • comply with relevant legislative requirements in respect of employment, health and safety, discrimination and equality of opportunity.

The organisation may:

  • represent the organisation’s membership or sector to the public, to the private sector and to Government, including consultation and policy influencing activities;
  • provide training, advice, advocacy, mentoring, information and other practical support to local groups, other organisations and service users; or 
  • support, encourage, facilitate or actively participate in partnerships, which assist in the delivery of the Department’s strategy ‘Delivering Together’ including those which build capacity in communities and in prevention/early intervention.

Financial contributions (ranging from £5,000 - £200,000) towards core costs will be offered on the basis that specified outputs and outcomes will be delivered by the organisation. The following costs are eligible:

  • relevant and essential staff salaries related to the organisation or service;
  • relevant training costs;
  • relevant running costs and overheads;
  • essential equipment and minor capital items (to a limit of £5k per item);
  • appropriate management and audit costs;
  • costs of involving volunteers; and
  • evaluation costs for the organisation or service.

It should be noted that the list of cost types above is indicative rather than exhaustive.

The Department is now seeking applications for funding from 1 April 2023 until 31 March 2024.

The application form and guidance for applicants are available by clicking below:

Please read both documents carefully before starting an application.

Organisations may apply either by completing the application form digitally and emailing it, along with the required attachments, to, or by printing and completing a physical copy and posting it to:

DoH Core Grant Scheme
FCPD Admin
Room A3.7
Castle Buildings
Stormont Estate

If completed manually, please ensure that you use black ink and capital letters.

Completed forms and all required supporting information must be received prior to the application deadline of 6pm on Friday 18 November 2022.

You will receive emailed confirmation of receipt of your application within 5 working days of the application being received. This does not communicate confirmation that all the required information has been provided, but rather that the information sent by the applicant has been received by the Department.

Incomplete or ineligible applications will not be assessed. Applicants are responsible for ensuring all the necessary information is provided, and the Department cannot guarantee that applicants who submit incomplete applications will be notified in time to re-submit their application.

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